As an entrepreneur, you stand 100% behind your product (and heaven help anyone who says anything bad about it). You worked on its optimization and defined its target customer down to the smallest detail. You know how important it is to stand out from the crowd and to stay true to your brand. And this knowledge gives you, the entrepreneur, everything you need to dive right in when it comes to online dating. Find out here why entrepreneurs make especially successful daters and how you could improve still further.


Believe in the product

Regardless of what others have said, you always knew that some people out there were waiting for the very product you’re bringing to life. The same applies to yourself: there are singles out there waiting just for you! Only they don’t know you exist yet. Believe in yourself 100% and then show everyone what you have to offer.


Optimize the product

Now be honest: would you date yourself? If your answer is “Yes, in a heartbeat!” then you’ve done everything right. If you answered with a lacklustre “Yes, I guess”, or even a simple “Nope”, then it’s time to take some action. It’s no problem if a few things (excess pounds, an awkward manner, worn-out sandals) need to be fine-tuned before the big launch. What is important is that you are working towards being the best version of yourself.


Know your target group

You can’t please everyone – and you don’t have to. What is important is that you know who you like! Not only do you need a clearly defined target date, but you need to know how to reach them. Join the dating sites and apps that they use and pay attention to profile descriptions: do you share a certain outlook on life or can you already get a sense of some absolute no-go areas?


Shout about your USP

The golden mean isn’t as golden as everyone thinks. To be honest, it’s pretty uninteresting. Make it easy for your dream date and don’t make them scrabble around in the dark to find your unique qualities. Be it a cool hobby, a wonky nose or your inner calm: stand out from the competition and show people what’s unusual and worth paying attention to about you.


Image is everything

What is the key to success? Be yourself, be honest, and be authentic! Does your personality really come across in your photos? Do they reinforce the details you give in your written profile? Be sure to upload a full-body image as well as some great headshots. People give you half a second’s attention on Tinder – don’t waste the opportunity! Time is in short supply in online dating.


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