Networking and making meaningful connections is one of the core motivators for people to join the Impact Hub community in Zürich and all over the world. Finding peers and exchanging experiences and opinions with like-minded members is at the very center of our community. No wonder there is a diverse array of formats to help people connect and collaborate such as the clubs and tribes. But sometimes joining a club or tribe seems daunting or too big a step in the beginning… so we created a solution for that. Our gateway drug for meeting new, interesting people are our Weeklies, different short event formats happening on all days of the week in our Colab and Viadukt space.


The formats range from short coffee/tea breaks in the afternoon to playing foosball, having an organized lunch together or ending the week with a few beers. And if you still need some convincing, we would like to introduce you to the our oldest and our newest format: the Sexy Salad and the Coffee Huddle.

Meet our Weeklies at Colab and Viadukt

Meet our Weeklies at Colab and Viadukt


Sexy Salad: The magic happens in the kitchen

Let us tell you a big secret of community management. Do you remember where the heart of all those college flat parties was? Yes, that’s right: in the kitchen. Food and drinks are a big part of our lifes may it be preparing it or enjoying a meal with your friends and families. That’s why most of our Weeklies revolve around food. And this is also where our all time favorite tradition Sexy Salad comes in. We all crowd source some food (everybody brings one salad ingredient, preferably local and seasonal of course), come together, prepare, enjoy it and maybe make a valuable connection or two in the process… every Wednesday for almost five years now (check out this video from 2012 for some Sexy Salad nostalgia).


To be honest we didn’t invent Sexy Salad. The tradition, although the origins are a little unclear, is going back even further (check out some impressions from the first ever Impact Hub in Islington, London! …is this where it all started 10 years ago???) and has spread fast around the globe (here is some proof from Vienna and even Kyoto). So now you just need to join us at any Wednesday 12.30pm at either Colab or the Viadukt for some sweet Salad lovin, connecting with others and having fun!


Coffee Huddle: A member-driven initiative takes off

It all started when Valentina was participating in the U.Lab coaching circle last year. Together with her colleague Semu she thought something similar was needed in the Impact Hub. The goal was to give a small group of people a chance to connect and share feedback on a weekly basis in an enjoyable, time efficient way. In January 2016 we started a 4-week prototype at the Impact Hub.


Today, the Huddle aka Coffee Huddle is a weekly 10-minutes meet-up happening on Fridays at 4pm at the Viadukt designed to be a conversation and connection catalyst. The format is simple: everybody gathers in a circle, each participant has 1 minute to present a pitch, request contacts, ask for advice, test an idea on random people or use the format for sharing any other information. When the Huddle time is up, people usually stay around with a coffee and continue discussions. Started by our members Valentina and Semu, the Huddle is now facilitated by our Hubonauts and we are happy to see an ever growing group of regular Huddlers.


If you are a newbie in our community or a longstanding member that wants to reconnect, joining one of the Weeklies is always a good idea!