Our community has grown practically over night with 150 Colab Zürich members joining our universe. Two of those new members are Tauras Sinkevicius und Gian Filippo Floriddia, the two founders of WedMap. WedMap is an online wedding planning platform allowing you to find the most beautiful and fitting locations for your dream wedding. Let’s meet them!


How did you end up in Colab?

“We like speed! So when we launched WedMap and were looking for an office, we wanted something quick and flexible, without all the usual bureaucracy. Colab seemed to be the best option for it. We started the same day and soon realized that it’s not only convenient and smart place to work, but also a lively community behind it. So we stayed :)”


What do you think about the new location?

“It’s exciting to see how collaboration between two companies can bring such a fantastic benefits to the whole community. New location is a proof that co-working makes sense. New space will have amazing facilities tailored for entrepreneurs and we are looking forward to being part of even bigger family.”


Why do you prefer working in sharing offices instead of having your own space?

“We build WedMap on the same values as Colab and Impact Hub have – sharing, creativity and consciousness. So for us working in the like-minded community is pushing us closer to our goal of building the best product in the market.”


After our big wedding with Colab Zürich, we want you to have a wedding just as beautiful! So head over to their blog to get inspired.