The second edition of our Impact Hub Fellowship with the federal office for energy (Bundesamt für Energy) is now open for applications. Are you wondering why and if you should join? Then meet Martin Hofer from WATTELSE, winner of the last Impact Hub Fellowship edition in this short interview.


What does your startup do?

WATTELSE optimizes functional buildings with integrated building automation in order to improve the ambient condition and value of money. The own software is used to analyze the building automation behavior, using its data to identify where energy and comfort is lost. WATTELSE offers the complete service. Starting from the software analysis of the building control and energy data to the implementation strategy, the project management and coordination to the continuing after sales service.


How did you profit from the Impact Hub Fellowship?

The Impact Hub Fellowship opened new doors to the Impact Hub internal and external network as well as to events where WATTELSE got invitations to pitch or exhibit the venture. We also received national and international attention through the integration into the Impact Hub community.

In addition, the publicity about WATTELSE has strongly increased. For example, the SFOE has published an article about us.


Why should startups apply for the Impact Hub Fellowship?

The Impact Hub Fellowship offers multiple benefits for startups. The cohort phase of the Fellowship is in any case a great chance to sharpen the venture’s business and its communication, to meet other ventures for potential collaboration and to exchange best practice as well as to get access to different workshops. Additionally, the Impact Hub offers access to workshops and individual business helpdesks which were valuable for us.

For these reasons, I think the Impact Hub Fellowship is a great opportunity for all participating startups, not only for the winner.


How has your project developed since the Fellowship?

First and foremost, we have sourced an excellent partner, a specialist in his field. Winning the representative award supported this step. In terms of figures, our revenues have doubled since participating at the Fellowship.


What would you recommend anyone who wants to apply for the Fellowship?

Go and get it! Participate, if your venture meets the requirements. The Impact Hub Fellowship offers a great opportunity for every startup to development itself, it is certainly a valuable experience even without winning the final award.

Foto: Herbert Zimmermann

Foto: Herbert Zimmermann