Building a brand for your startup? Then you’ll need to look beyond the logo and into the lens. Distinctive and attention-grabbing photos are an exciting and powerful branding tool. When you’re seeking to introduce a new concept in an eye-catching way, or to bring your founders to the attention of investors and journalists, expressive images are what you’ll need. In this post you’ll find out which 5 photos every startup needs.


  1. Team Headshots

Pleased to meet you! These days, first impressions are made online. Simple and clear headshots are a priority. Potential clients, investors and collaborators will be looking on your About Us page for evidence of a competent and approachable team. You’ll also use headshots for your LinkedIn and Xing profiles and to accompany any opinion pieces you write.


To inspire confidence in your ability, use a professional photo. A holiday snap or selfie is too casual. However, authenticity is definitely called for. Show the real you! Avoid the blank white wall and artificial lights of a studio. Instead choose an outdoor location with natural light and a pick a photographer you can relax with. To grab attention, try a colourful or patterned background. Definitely make eye contact with the camera.


portrait1 portrait2

  1. Founder Portraits

Entrepreneurs have exciting creation stories to tell. Tell the first 1000 words with one arresting photo. The people you want to influence, especially any journalists, want to know why you do what you do, what makes you tick, and what it’s like to work alongside you. To satisfy their curiosity, you’ll need a descriptive, personal portrait.


The most interesting business portraits are ones that reveal a person’s character. They depict a scene that expresses passions, skills or particular personality traits. Choose a place that has real meaning for you, perhaps where you work, or a place you go to get inspired. Use props, such as products or the tools of your trade. Remember to shoot both portrait and landscape orientations for your press kit.


founder founder2


  1. Action Shots

A series of photos that capture the “how” of what you do will bring your company vividly to life. The same shots can be used one-by-one to illustrate blog posts and articles, and as behind-the-scenes images on Instagram and other social media channels.


If it’s a service you provide, show yourself going the extra mile for your clients. Whether you’re a web designer, personal stylist or architect, action shots show the effort you put in to prepare, deliver and follow up. These images help to distinguish you from the competition. If you sell a product, show its step-by-step manufacturing process on your website. This gives you the chance to demonstrate your company values in action. You’ll also reassure customers of your transparency and attention to detail.


action1 action2


  1. Products

We all know we should “show not tell”, so be creative with the ways you illustrate your products. To increase conversion in your online shop each product should be shown against a plain white background. To convince the waverers add images showing the origin of ingredients, close-ups of details, or lifestyle shots of the product in use. These shots give your social media feeds an attractive and distinctive character.


product product2


  1. Your Locations

Invite customers over to your place by showing them what your office, shop or restaurant looks like inside and out. Needed for the Contact page on your website and your press kit, these shots also make ideal banner photos for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn business pages. Consider boosting your Google My Business listing and Google Maps presence with an indoor Street View virtual tour.


location location2


Now you know which 5 photos every startup needs, it’s time to build your company’s collection of hard-working images. Ownable, high-quality photography is an inspired way to build a recognizable brand. Versatile shots can be used again and again; they represent a great return for an affordable investment.