Three teams sharing a “now or never mentality”: the Impact Hub Fellowship on Healthy Living has entered the cohort phase.

After an exciting jury day at the end of November, the journey continues for three of the candidates of the Impact Hub Fellowship on Healthy Living.  In December, Pixxadoo, Intergenerator and iGoGive started their intensive cohort phase.

For Biljana Miric, co-founder of iGoGive, having been chosen by the jury was a sign that “it is time to live my dream of starting my own business – that’s something I have always wanted to do.” Also the other two finalists have followed their dreams by participating in the program. Franziska Spring, founder of Pixxadoo, explains that she wanted to be a game–designer ever since she was a teenager.  When testing one of her games with her mother and children, she realized the impact games can have on people: “My mother never looked so young!”. Pixxaddoo wants to bring children and grandparents together through shared on- and offline game experiences. Gamification is also the approach that Biljana Miric and her partner want to use with iGoGive – especially to make people happier in their work setting. They are convinced that exercise is an important part of that.  Work –  Isabelle Behrens, driving force behind the third start-up Intergenerator, is convinced – is a key ingredient to stay happy and healthy up to an old age. Her start-up Intergenerator brings different generations of engaged and entrepreneurial people together to create things together. “Behind my start-ups lies my approach of wanting to create the world I want to live in.”

Would you like to find out which team will become Impact Hub Fellow on Healthy Living? Join us on March 5 for the GRANDE FINALE and find out for which of the three candidates the Impact Hub Fellowship continues for another nine months.

The three finalists:

Intergenerator enables people to keep active and healthy by staying professionally engaged well past pension age. Its network and events connect experienced people interested in starting or joining a venture. Intergenerational collaboration between entrepreneurs seeking an experienced team member and experienced professionals looking to contribute knowledge benefits both sides.

iGoGive exists to improve people’s lives by connecting physical activity with charitable giving more deeply than ever before – any day, any place, the way they want! The core idea behind iGoGive consists in leveraging private sponsorships enabling users (GoGivers) to monetize their everyday physical activities and turn them into donations for a local or national charitable cause of their choosing. Thus, adding a completely new, highly emotional component to exercising.

Pixxadoo – Inter-Generational Games is a start-up specializing in inter-generational games and games for learning and awareness. For our inter-generational games project we focus on the mental and physical agility of grandparents with grandkids. The roles in the games are specifically designed for each age group.