We are living in a paradoxical world engulfed in a dichotomy of sorts – we are more ‘connected’ today than it ever was possible in the history of humankind, yet we are witnessing some of the highest percentage share of population segments suffering from stress, alienation, loneliness, depression and addiction. The happiness quotient amongst people seems to be diminishing at an alarming rate both in the developed and developing world. Have you ever paused and wondered why?

A pressing problem is that currently our educational institutions are designing and implementing curricula that are highly competitive and at least partially inhibit room for creativity, instilling a linear thought process, and thus churning out individuals who may be have gone through formal education paths but lack the ability to tackle the present day challenges that the world is facing. In essence, the current world system does not enable people to create and especially co-create. 


This is where STRIDE comes in. It is our mission to equip people to shape their own meaningful career for the greater good. As a “career”, meaning the totality of time dedicated to creating value (paid and unpaid). STRIDE wants to enable people to “do the right things”, and not just “do things right”. And to enable people to “do the right things” the conventional processes of learning must be challenged and subsequently altered. Being a part of a global educational revolution in learning, it is our endeavor at STRIDE to bring learning back to where it is supposed to be: enable A Learning World that Works for All.

For the purpose of imparting innovative processes of learning to empower individuals to do something greater, STRIDE has pioneered the unDiploma in Entrepreneurial Leadership (uDEL) and the Professional Passage Program.


The unDiploma in Entrepreneurial Leadership (uDEL) is essentially an eight-month incubator for re-connecting with yourself, connecting to others and jointly bringing something into the world. It entails sensing and experimenting with different ways of world-making, co-creation and prototyping. From it startups, campaigns, intrapreneurial projects or other types of interventions can emerge – including starting your own company.  The programme further encompasses building and facilitating collaborations and engaging in a process of personal transformation through e.g. different body-mind and reflective practices.


Another program pioneered at STRIDE is the Professional PASSAGE Program. The program is for individuals who know what they don’t want anymore, but are unsure where or how their professional journey towards purpose at work could go. It is increasingly a common phenomenon today wherein you are not certain if you are in the right job and hence are in need of orientation in the desired direction.

The program thus empowers individuals to take the next steps towards a meaningful career. It uniquely offers a blend of individualized tools and peer-power, encompassing mutual learning. It allows for a deep and trusted process in a safe space held by experienced guides.

Undertaking the Professional Passage program becomes even more relevant in today’s day and age where we are facing a multitude of social, environmental and institutional challenges. If you want to be part of the transition team creating solutions in tackling these challenges & mitigating their threats, this programme is for you.

Furthermore you can benefit from other STRIDE offers and the growing network of purpose driven professionals who want to make a difference.


So come! Be a part of the learning revolution at STRIDE!


For more information on these (and other) innovative programs please visit our website, or write us to: info@stride-learning.ch