How can you as a young entrepreneur tell the story of your business idea so that it stimulates public interest? And how can you and your startup draw the attention of the media to your amazing projects? We tried to answer these questions in a special workshop on the occasion of Impact Journalism Day on June 24. Here`s what communication expert Sonja Bichsel and Tages Anzeiger journalist Lynn Scheurer suggest:


Step 1: Getting your story into shape


Form it: Design your storyline first. Think of main characters, places and how your story evolves through time. Make it visual and draw your storyline on a piece of paper. Having a graph or map of your story makes it easier to stick to the red thread while writing or telling your story.

Develop it: Make sure the main character (this can also be you, your product or your target audience) goes through change and develops throughout the story.

Try it out: Get feedback from your peers. Pitch the story to two or three people at once and encourage an exchange of ideas that could make your story even better.


Step 2: Pitching your story to the media


What`s new? When pitching to journalists make them aware early on in the story what is new or suprising about what you want to tell them.

Short and sweet: Be prepared and be brief. If you write an email put your pitch in a single paragraph. If you call, start with the important part of your story. If you don’t hear back after a week, follow up.

Make them eager: Be prepared to answer a lot of critical questions once they have voiced interest in the pitch. Also suggest how the readers of the publication could profit from your project as this is something a journalist always has in the back of his mind.


And now – start to pimp YOUR story! We look forward to reading all about it in the news.


Impact Journalism Day is an initiative by Sparknews, a social enterprise that identifies, shares, and amplifies positive solutions to the important problems of our time.  On Impact Journalism Day 2017,  50 newspapers around the world covered positive stories and inspirational ideas that inspire. Therefore, Impact Journalism Day is an ideal platform for startups and young entrepreneurs who want to make a difference – and get the attention of the media. So stay tuned for Impact Journalism Day 2018 – maybe it`s your chance to make your story stick? #StoryOfChange