To start of the year, we’d like to tell a little true story of how powerful collaboration can be at the Impact Hub:


It was January 2nd 2017, when Valentino decided to come work at the Impact Hub Zurich to see how he likes the environment. His company JaBaDu! connects people owning ad spaces to advertisers and he was looking for some connections which could help him build his business.


As he was sitting there like the new kid on the block, Impact Hub member Flurin came over and introduced himself. Being an inquisite nature, Flurin was keen to understand what JaBaDu! does and how he could be of help. After a few minutes Flurin suggests that he introduces Valentino to Mauricio of, a startup which creates new ad spaces by providing free mobile phone charging devices. A quick email introduction was made and both Valentino & Mauricio thought it would be worthwhile to meet up. What was supposed to be a quick coffee turned into lunch and into a business partnership!


It turns out that the two companies, complement each other perfectly. gets access to unique ad space and in return has access to a large network of advertisers. They agreed to a partnership which provides them both with more business and lower acquisition efforts.


As simple as it sounds, it all started with Flurin welcoming someone he hadn’t seen before and connecting the dots. This is a concrete example, where actually living the Impact Hub Zurich’s Co-Manifesto creates real business value. Both Mauricio and Valentino are happy about getting to meet each other and moving their business forward; while Flurin is happy to see that striking up a random conversation has mutual positive benefits for everyone. So the moral of the story is: “Do talk to strangers!”


Mauricio, Flurin and Valentino showing us how this network really works.

Mauricio, Flurin and Valentino showing us how this network really works.


Mauricio Quiroz is Co-Founder and Managing Director of, a Company that helps people access FREE and convenient mobile charging, while at the same time offering brands and advertisers a unique new ads channel.

Flurin Capaul is the CEO and founder of Boonea AG, a B2B Sales Tech company.

Valentino Wälter founded the adspace network, where adspace owners (private & business) meet brands they really like.