On december 12th three new start-ups have joined Impact Hub Fellowship family. The winners of the Impact Hub Fellowship on Healthy Living in partnership with Novartis are Alterniity, Hometherapy and CookEat.

These three teams bring great ideas to the Impact Hub: from fighting dementia in a simulation of ancient Rome to getting therapy at home and sharing healthy meals with strangers through an online platform. Some impressions from the evening and a short introduction to the winner and runners-up can be found in the following video:

The three winning projects have been selected out of 20 submissions and 6 finalists in front of a diverse jury. We are happy to welcome Ioannis Tarnanas (Alterniity), Christina Meyer & Ela Haney (CookEat) und Vincent Granjean und Arjun Thanabalasingam (Hometherapy) to the Impact Hub.


Alterniity logoAlterniity (Impact Hub Fellow on Healthy Living) is a suite of awarded software tools, backed by 12 years of scientific research and 3 years of empirical data collection, creating impact in 3 dimensions: a) AD very early screening, b) AD prevention and c) early AD-intervention and delay of Alzheimer progression.

Our research shows that Virtual Reality Simulations of Everyday activities in combination with physical exercise are very promising in improving the resistance of seniors’ general cognition, memory and executive functions.


CookEat-300x150-1Cook Eat (Runner-Up) makes healthy food available to anybody by bridging the gap between eating out at expensive restaurants and cooking yourself: It helps people find their favourite meals in the neighbourhood, providing an online community market place where individuals can buy or sell home cooked dishes in order to enjoy them in a social setting.

By bringing passionate cooks and hungry eaters together to eat home cooked meals, the project contributes to a healthier lifestyle.


HometherapyLogoHometherapy (Runner-Up) – Psychotherapy over the internet by video conference. We offer an appropriate treatment for all kind of mental disorders (e.g. anxiety disorders, depression, drug problems). On our web-portal our clients/patients can choose between a great diversity of therapists with the desired features and get their therapy comfortably at home. We want to provide a high availability of therapists all around the clock. We will charge a fee of 15% for each session. Further our clients can arrange an appointment in only 3 steps: 1.    Choosing a mental disorder (e.g. drugs); 2.    Choosing a competent therapist (features: photo, field of expertise and a short description); 3.    Arrange an appointment by timetable.