The Global Member Survey 2018 is on!

Katherina Giese · 4 minutes · 22.02.2018

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The global Member survey 2018 will run from February 22 to March 21!


To all our Members here in Zurich please take the time to fill out this survey and help us grow and get better. In addition to our eternal gratitude we will also raffle some amazing prizes to help sweeten things up: 🙂


  • Impact Hub Global will raffle 2 participants of the Member Survey globally who will receive a stipend of EUR 1,000 each (EUR 300 will be earmarked for local Impact Hub services. EUR 700 will be given in cash).


  • We will also raffle different prices locally each week: 


  • Week 1 (Feb 22-Feb 28) A dinner for two at the Kraftwerk Cafe including 5 plates to share of your choice and a bottle of wine.
  • Week 2 (Mar1-Mar7) A one-week Coworkation with Collaboratio Helvetica
  • Week 3 (Mar8-Mar14) Get a Nomad membership for yourself or a friend for 2 months.
  • Week 4 (Mar15-Mar21) Get a birds-eye view of the world during a paraglider flight with fellow Hubber Peter Meyer from SwissAdvance!



After finishing her internship at our Impact Hub in 2012, Katherina left to finish her M.Sc. in Economics, Finance & Philosophy. Not much longer she rejoined the Impact Hub Team as Community Architect and is always happy about input, new ideas or simply a coffee date with our members. If not found running around the Impact Hub where she enjoys the buzzing and creative environment, Kather...

Katherina Giese, Community Builder, Clubs & Tribes

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