On May 18, the 27 Circular Economy startups from our Swiss-wide CE Incubator program will pitch in front of investors and the general public at the Virtual Demo Day (register here)!

As a warm-up to this huge online-event, we present you the 8 Incubees of Zürich. Second is Lyfa, an online store and delivery service for plastic free groceries,


Who are you and who belongs to your team?

Lyfa.ch is an online store for packaging-free, sustainable and locally sourced groceries. We offer a range of groceries; from food to bathroom items; in reusable containers or with no packaging at all. The current team consists of Michael May and Lewys Thomas, two engineers who together have created the online platform and logistical infrastructure as well as developed partnerships with suppliers around Basel. The team is currently searching for a CCO/Marketing Lead to join the founding team.


What makes your startup or idea circular?

Lyfa gives a way for consumers to shop in a sustainable, circular way. As far as possible, food miles and emissions are reduced (groceries are delivered by cargo bike) and of course, all of the containers that are used are returned to suppliers to be refilled and reused. By re-using and reducing as much packaging as possible, Lyfa closes the loop on materials heading to landfill or to be burnt.

What are your goals for 2020?

We are currently working on increasing our customer base in Basel and increasing our revenues, in order to prove the market potential. We also aim to raise a seed round of funding during the summer, allowing us to improve our offering, increase the infrastructure and bring our service to more people.