Today in two weeks, the 27 Circular Economy startups from our Swiss-wide CE Incubator program will pitch in front of investors and the general public at the Virtual Demo Day (register here)!

As a warm-up to this huge online-event, we present you the 8 Incubees of Zürich. First is Loopi, who offers “strollers as a service”!


Who are you and who belongs to your team?

What if strollers could be made more practical, economically attractive and better for the environment? With this question, the Idea of Loopi was born. With creativity, innovation and a lot of drive, our team wants to bring positive change to the children sector, one stroller at a time. We believe that there shouldn’t be a choice between decreasing one’s impact on climate and enjoying life. Rather, we think that by applying smart concepts, it is possible to increase your lifestyle’s quality while decreasing your impact on the environment. And to find these concepts is our mission!


What makes your startup or idea circular?

Circularity comes already with our name: Instead of making parents buy expensive strollers they most likely will need to replace as their children grow, Loopi provides a service that grows alongside our customers. We only use sustainable materials of high quality that can be recycled, making our strollers not only easy to use and attractive from a financial point of view, but also a product to cherish. Our goal is to simplify the lives of our customers – from the design to the way our strollers will be used in daily family life and eventually to the point the stroller is no longer needed. Instead of making our customers deal with the disposal, we take responsibility of our products and integrate them back into the cycle – In other words, we make being part of a circular economy easy for our customers.

What are your goals for 2020?

Our goal is to create more than just a service for parents. We want to create a community connecting our customers and we take their opinions very seriously. That’s why we are analyzing their key concerns at the moment and look for the best way to address them with an attractive, sustainable and practical design. We plan to have our first prototype available by the end of this year as our next stepping stone on our way to a successful enterprise contributing to a waste-free society.