On May 18, the 27 Circular Economy startups from our Swiss-wide CE Incubator program will pitch in front of investors and the general public at the Virtual Demo Day (register here)!

As a warm-up to this huge online-event, we present you the 8 Incubees of Zürich. Third is iCEEP, a digital market place dedicated to the circular economy that stimulates and rewards societal circular behavior.


Who are you and who belongs to your team?

My name is Petros and I am one of the co-founders of iCEEP. I got involved in urban waste and resource management 6 years ago because I was shocked that we have the capacity to send missions to Mars, yet society is about to suffocate in its own waste. Today, iCEEP is a multicultural team originating from Switzerland, Ghana, Cyprus, France and Italy and driven by our 4Ps (passion, persistence, patience and perseverance) we are determined to redefine the relationship society has with the resources we perceive as waste.


What makes your startup or idea circular?

We help prosumers recognise the value of their used products and materials. We offer them a platform through which they can interact and work together to recover and keep these resources circulating in the local economy. The platform named i “keep” maps the recycling services and circular take-back schemes of cities and its purpose is to provide the right information, to the right person at the right time so that it is easy for them to return their recyclable or reusable products.

What are your goals for 2020?

Our underlining goal for 2020 is to bring iCEEP to life and demonstrate its application in the city of Zurich. Delivering on our objective, we have brought together our team, raised pre-seed capital of 105k CHF, incorporated the company, kicked off product development, in June we have scheduled an innovation workshop with a prospective logistics partner and inviting prospective customers and stakeholder to join our pre-launch on-boarding workshops which will run from mid-June to end of September 2020. Through these task we target the launch of iCEEP in Q4 of this year.