20+ applications have been submitted for the Impact Hub Fellowship Energy-Cleantech. Two teams made it to the final and have to face a last jury on September 7. Reserve a free ticket for the event taking place at the awesome space of Kickstart Accelerator.

Time to introduce the finalists. This week: Hans Strobel and Cyril from Dokspot

In a nutshell, what is your business about?
dokspot provides industries with an online platform for communication of product instructions. We create synergy for consumers and industry.

What does it take to become a successful entrepreneur?
An idea you believe in, knowledge and endurance. Lot’s of the last.

Which advice would you give to someone who wants to start a start-up?
Do it. Give it your all. Talk to your customers… all the time.

In what kind of situations did you think about giving up?
People will focus on why your idea won’t work. Whether it’s a client, personal relation or a random encounter, it impacts you. This is sometimes tough but after a while you develop thick skin.

Why did you apply for the Impact Hub Fellowship Energy-Cleantech?
To be challenged and test our arguments.

What were the things that you benefited most during the cohort phase of the Impact Hub Fellowship ICT4Good?
The cohort phase has been extremely beneficial for us. We took the opportunity to review our vision and bring out arguments that we had been struggling with. With the vision set, we will now focus on updating our business model. After this we will have the tools to talk to clients with more confidence and start building a great product. Simply said, the cohort phase showed us we can do better.

Why should the jury pick your project as the winner on September 7?First of all, the market. It is waiting to be captured. Secondly, our solution. It is scalable and synergetic across industries, and it positively impacts the environment. Last of all, the team. We have a great mix between industry and technology know-how, we have demonstrated our collaboration, we know where we are going and we are eager to learn on the way.



“Do it. Give it your all. Talk to your customers… all the time”, Cyrill and Hans Strobel, cofounders of Dokspot