“We need implementation, implementation, implementation – although not necessarily in that order”

Angel Gurrìa, Secretary General of the OECD, recently did not leave any doubt: With the brief time window to address the climate challenge there is an urgent need for more people taking action. And taking action that matters. To continuously feel empowered to work on such a large challenge, where the results of our actions are this indirect, we must be connected to ourselves and to the challenge at hand. Global change really starts with an empowered self. This is why Impact Hub and Climate-KIC with the support of STRIDE launch the Climate Solutions Ideator, a radically new approach to develop entrepreneurial ideas and ventures to tackle climate change. You are invited!


Theory of change: systemic solutions addressing transformational barriers

To address climate change it is absolutely key to not only look at understanding the challenges, but also study all the promising solutions that are already out there. The central question then is: what are the transformational barriers, e.g. policy, behaviour, business model that inhibit those existing solutions to fully solve the challenge? (i.e. partially regulated energy market, consumption habits, …). It is at this exact point where solution ideation needs to start. Combining the problem understanding with solution know-how to identify the transformational barriers.

At the root of climate change (and other grand societal challenges) are our values, belief systems and aspirations as individuals and society. To access those, we must first and foremost reconnect to ourselves. This reconnection provides us with the clarity and compassion to focus on the grand societal challenges and address them continuously and with self-resilience.


Our answer: Climate Ideator with unSchool methodology

The Climate Solutions Ideator is a thoughtfully curated mix of input presentations, breakout sessions, case-studies and intense group work with the dual goals of personal development and creating new (strartup) solutions to tackle climate change. Participants are invited to experience deep learning through the application of the STRIDE learning methodology. powerfully and imaginatively combining project and personal development along the unschooling formula of ”make. learning. work.”

The starting point for the program is Climate KIC’s four themes of climate change, which will be explored to gain a deeper understanding. During the course of three months, a range of tools for research, ideation and lean startup methodology will be covered in order to find a scalable solution. This solution can become the participant’s startup.

Acknowledging that we do not just need more entrepreneurs but also more connectors and conductors, the approach taken in close collaboration with Climate-KIC enables us to work on these complementary approaches. The Solution Ideator will end with a pitch opportunity for further funding in front of Climate-KIC’s startup accelerator and/or business consortium support program, depending on the type of initiative developed by the participants.


So why should you apply?

At the end of this 3-month program with a total of five contact days, participants will have:

  1. reflected deeply on their individual purpose and ability to contribute to addressing the grand societal challenges related to climate change;
  2. understood the basic underlying mechanisms, stakeholders & networks concerning the aforementioned four themes of climate change;
  3. experienced startup ideation, including the (self-)leadership needed to be thriving as an entrepreneur within collaborative practices;
  4. established a strong connection to people with a similar passion (e.g. your future teammates);
  5. developed a professional toolkit for research and ideation processes adaptable to other cases;
  6. enhanced their pitching and storytelling skills;
  7. devised a scalable business model or project idea ready for implementation to mitigate or adapt to climate change that you might turn into an entre- or intrapreneurial venture (i.e. your future job?);
  8. gained a unique opportunity to develop your solutions into full proposals for Climate-KIC and potentially win funding;
  9. acquired an unCertificate in Climate Ideation.


What’s next?

Join the community of Climate Ideators by applying here by October 9 . We will let you know soon after whether you are accepted in the program, but do already make sure you pencil all dates down in your agenda.

The program is educational, fun, network-building and you might create your own job. Let’s get together, develop climate solutions and go for implementation, implementation, implementation. In that order.