curdin_janett_m_1_0 copyImpact Hub Zürich and Publicis have officially been working together since six months and have launched the project ‘Brand to Product’. Through this collaboration and thanks to the dynamic environment with different working methods of the persons involved visionary ideas for companies and brands can be developed and supported in an unconventional way.


We talked to Curdin Janett, CEO Publicis Communications Switzerland and advertiser of the year 2015, and asked him how innovation and branding work together.


How do innovations orriginate these days?

We live in interesting times. Everything is about to change, entire business models are replaced. Companies that are able to adapt themselves to this changing environment win. Speed is crucial – one does not have the time to test things to perfection. Innovation happens when perfectionism is abandoned.


What is ‘Brand to Product’ and how does it work?

‘Brand to Product’ is a process that ensures the brand is not forgotten when looking for innovations. Only if an innovation continues to tell the brands story and is based on the brands values it will be understood and accepted by consumers. It’s all about the interconnection of brand- and product-/service-development.


For whom is ‘Brand to Product’ useful?

For companies asking themselves the question how to stay or become a leader in this changing times.


Why should branding and product development be linked more strongly?

To ensure that the client can understand and accept the innovation. Because there is a link to the brand promise that makes sense.


On which experiences/cases from the past is this offer based?

Our core competence in communication. To position brands for the future we use our own model which we call “lead the change”. But a good brand is a promise kept where products and services play an essential role. To align product-/service-development with marketing/brand-development was the aim when we launched ‘Brand to Product’.


How did the collaboration between Publics and Impact Hub Zürich came to be?

Experts from Impact Hub were part of a strategy-workshop for one of our clients. Their good input led to an even better discussion about the importance of brand- and product-/service-development being streamlined. The common understanding of this was the starting point for ‘Brand to Product’.


What can we expect from ‘Brand To Product’ in 2016?

The concept was well accepted. We hope to contribute to the discussion about the importance of a holistic view on innovation. And to deliver successful cases in 2016.


Thank you for the interview, Curdin! We look forward to an exciting future together.