Over 20 applications have been submitted for the Impact Hub Fellowship Energy-Cleantech and five teams are left in the competition. The winner will be selected live during the GRANDE FINALE on February 5 at Impact Hub Zürich. Time to introduce some of the faces behind the projects. Starring this week: Luc Jodet, Co-founder of BUYECO.

What is your project about and when did you start it?

Buyeco is the Swiss Renewable Energy marketplace. It allows customers to pick, where, how and by whom their energy was produced. Buyeco allows the customer to customize their energy at will. BUYECO was started 2 years ago but the Sarl was created in October 2014

What does it take to become a successful entrepreneur? 

Dedication, application and a little bit of craziness. One needs to be ready to spend countless hours during the development phase and be ready to face failure. Finally flexibility is really important. Being ready to change plans or strategy when the market tells you to is crucial for survival.

Which advise would you give to someone who wants to start a start-up? 

Start now! An entrepreneur is a person that aims for a goal without necessarily having the ressources readily available. You will get those skills/ressources on the way to your goal rather than before starting.

Why did you apply for the Impact Hub Fellowship Energy-Cleantech?

We applied for the mentoring offered by the fellowship. We are broadening our business model and wished to receive some guidance while developing our new strategy. We also applied because of the media exposure opportunities and the working space offered in Zurich.

What were the things that you benefited most so far from the Impact Hub Fellowship Energy-Cleantech?

Our main mentor has helped us draft the main goals for the cohort phase as well as introduced us to potential partners and clients. Finally we recieved some help for administrative questions related to insurance and contracts.

How could you benefit from becoming the Impact Hub Fellow Energy-Cleantech?

The additional funds will allow us to accelerate the development of our second web platform. We will need help with the media and marketing strategy as well as contacts with potential partners and clients.

Why should the jury pick your project as the winner on February 5?

The jury should pick BUYECO because we are a diverse team wich experienced some early successes and we are ready to hit the road running when you give us the award.