Over 20 applications have been submitted for the Impact Hub Fellowship Energy-Cleantech and five teams are left in the competition. The winner will be selected live during the GRANDE FINALE on February 5 at Impact Hub Zürich. Time to introduce some of the faces behind the projects. Starring this week: Martin Hofer, Co-founder of WATTELSE.

What is your project about and when did you start it?

The project is about reducing loss of energy in functional buildings caused by building control infrastructure. With the own monitoring and analysis software MONALYSE®, the complex behavior of the automised heating, cooling and ventilation porcesses are being monitored, analysed and optimised by WATTELSE. That reduces cost, optimises the indoor climate and treats nature with respect.

How did you become an entrepreneur? Have you always wanted to be one?

Becoming an entrepreneur was a quite spontaneous decision. The process startet after resigning from my former job, when I asked myself “what do I really want and how”. It turned out clearly that I have to start my own business.

What does it take to become a successful entrepreneur? 

To become a successful entrepreneur it takes passion and optimism for what you do, patience and endurance, readiness to step out of your convenience zone and a certain amount of money as a bridge.

Which advise would you give to someone who wants to start a start-up? 

If you really want to do it go for it! You will always win, at least on experience.

In what kind of situations did you think about giving up?

Giving up was never an option, too strong was my believe in the business model of WATTELSE and the high market potential. Emotional roller coasters are part of the game of being en entrepreneur.

Why did you apply for the Impact Hub Fellowship Energy-Cleantech?

The moment I read the call for proposals, it became obvious to me that the BFE is seeking exactly for solutions like WATTELSE offers.

What were the things that you benefited most so far from the Impact Hub Fellowship Energy-Cleantech?

The 7 minutes pitch was a great opportunity to reduce the existing presentation to the max and to get valuable feedback. The Hub is an inspiring environment. I also benefited from the personal contact to other entrepreneurs and the Hub services such as workshops and Business Help Desk.

How could you benefit from becoming the Impact Hub Fellow Energy-Cleantech?

Becoming the Impact Hub Fellow Energy Cleantech means a great recognition to WATTELSE. The awareness of the company rises and supports the sales process. The prize money will support the development of postponed, new features in MONALYSE®. In addition becoming the Impact Hub Fellow offers WATTELSE shared office space and services for another 9 month at the HUB Zurich!

Why should the jury pick your project as the winner on February 5?

The jury should pick WATTELSE because we offer an innovative service to identify and reduce significant loss of energy in new and existing buildings, we educe energy loss without structural measures and because we offer an already proven, sustainable and scalable solution.