Our Member survey has been running from March 2 until March 31 this year, 42 Impact Hubs have participated and we made it on to second place with 124 answers!


A big thank you for all of you who have particpated in the survey!

The results will be used to better understand the community and sector, for strategic-decision making at local Impact HUBs and at the global Network level. You can check out the results in a report, which will be available in a couple of weeks!

We have given away some amazing prizes:

  • The winners of a free a Office Massage are: Stephanie Feeney, Marisa König Beatty, Oliver Marchand, Sascha Nick, Gemma Perez
  • The winners of a free Skill Share Breakfast are: Kathrin Michel, Joshua Urieli, Anemone Maxim, Janjarang Kijitikhun, Nelson Casas, Paul Luna, Andrès Linares, Robin Oster, Robert Boer, Heather Kirk
  • The winner of two free tickets to Ash Maurya” Lean Start-Up Workshop are: Marina Altman and Isabella Mori
  • The winners of a “Pick a Founders Brain” Lunch Date at Restaurant Viadukt with the one of the IH Zürich Founders are: Roland Zrotz, Dariusz Klupi, Valentina Ricupero
  • The winner of a Hub Connect Membership (1 month)  for a Friend are: Andrea Holenstein, Sylvia Winkelmann-Ackermann, Nick Blake
  • The winners for a free Business Help Desk are: Judith Ellens, Melanie Gajowski, Jana Nevrlkova
  • The winner of a free Impact Workshop: Charlotte Briner


Thank you again for being such amazing survey troopers and stay tuned for the results,

the Impact Hub Zürich Team!