On some days writing is like waltzing across a ballroom. You feel in control, you lead your partner effortlessly across the room and movement is in perfect harmony with the 3/4-tempo. Happy life! On other days, waltzing consists of a whole lot of toe stepping. Writer’s block is the dreaded wall when you’re stuck with a text.

Besides being stuck – you’re under pressure to deliver and hit a deadline. You’ve put off writing hoping you’d hit the magical flow and that things would come easy. But they didn’t and now you need to push the button to send your work to the editor soon. While proofreading your work, you feel it’s okay, but not great. Changing a few sentences leave no significant impact on the text and you’re running out of ideas. Kind of like a labyrinth, you’re lost in the details and fail to see the big picture.

What next? Ask for feedback! I’ve been in this situation a few times and that’s when I start roaming the floor. Many people will quickly read a text and give you a feedback. If they don’t understand it, feel like it’s missing the point or too long – chances are high they’ll provide you with an idea you wouldn’t have had yourself! Best of all – you’ve reflected on your text with an outside view.

Next time you’re stuck on an article – talk to somebody on the floor. Likewise, if you see a shy soul wandering around, with a crumpled piece of paper… help that person push the button!