One of the first things you learn as an entrepreneur is, that sometimes you need to spend a little money to grow your business. Initially you might need a website, a google Ad  or just someone to print your business cards. The big question is who should you work with and trust? Typically you won’t have a large network of suppliers to go on.


The Impact Hub is full of companies and entrepreneurs in various stages of their development. Most have been in a similar spot needing some initial suppliers. The best thing is to talk to a few members and ask them for their experience and who they recommend. Most often people are very direct about their feedback, since they’ve spent money on a service or product and have clear expectations on what to get. If someone is recommended, make sure you understand why that recommendation was given and most often you cannot go wrong.


A bit trickier is figuring out who you could collaborate with on a project. Depending on your business, sooner or later you’ll find yourself in a spot where you need to collaborate with a partner on a larger project. Eg. you might need a project manager to oversee a rollout of your product to a larger firm.  This is trickier, since this is more than just a supplier printing a few business cards, here the success of the project critical for the success of your business.


So with whom are you going to take a chance on your business success? You can still ask your fellow Hub members for advice, but this time limit it to companies who have a similar profile as you. While anyone can give good feedback on a business card supplier, something more specific such as an enterprise project manager is a different beast. Best results are often achieved if you can get some insights into a work-product and maybe even run a small test-project to see if there’s a fit.


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