If we design workplaces that permit people to find meaning in their work, we will be designing a human nature that values work – Barry Schwartz


In the midst of the Colab madness, there are days in which we feel we could fly. There are conversations that feed our soulful nature, intellect and a shared understanding about creating impactful communities while following our true north… all while trying to sustain ourselves.

Synergies combine and transform into a profound sense of purpose at Impact Hub. However, there are other moments in which we just need to take a break. There are days in which we doubt ourselves and question everything around us.


What is a Green Couch Session?

Our green couch sessions surfaced from a moment of despair… one of those days in which everything seemed pointless; our heads were up in the sky and our souls felt quasi lost. We were by no means, grounded. Work has a completely different meaning for the Hubber/Hubbster/Hubonaut than it does for the corporate worker punching in and out of a 9-18:00h job.

When anxiety kicked in, we used the green couch to decompress. Soon enough, that safe space emerged in the form of a ‘comfy’ and vintage couch. That couch that lays on the 1st floor of the IHZ Colab, right in front of the awesome Hubonaut’s desk.

Every time we would sit on this couch, we would have a blast! This magical couch was filled with moments of understanding, and with lots of positivity around it. We suddenly realized that when we would go back to this couch, we recharged and felt empowered to talk about everything and anything, laugh our faces off and just be ourselves. No judgement but pure acceptance of ourselves and our situation.

Soon enough, we recalled this moments and started to coin it by saying, ‘Hey, I am craving a Green Couch Session.’ Therefore, our organically developed green couch sessions emerged.


What do we offer?

In virtue of practicing what we preach on our the Co-Manifesto, Larissa Hämisegger and Valentina S. Velandia decided to offer coaching sessions to:


  1. Get rid of mental blockages (We care)
  2. Recharge with positivity (Truly Regenerative)
  3. Four ears to listen (Me, us, all of us)
  4. A sporadic inspirational escape to relieve the stress that can accompany entrepreneurship as a demanding pursuit (Failing Forward)
  5. Arrive to the present moment (100% Human)


According to our strategic advisor, Martin Roth, there is an enormous amount of Feng Shui around that couch. As an alternative practice, we could take the couch outside to the 1st floor terrace to make a more intimate version of the green couch session.


What is the cost and scheduling structure?

  1. Cost: By donation. We only ask you to make a contribution that reflects the quality of work we do.
  2. Official launch: Tuesday 28th of February from 15:00 – 16:00 – Come join us for a glass of celebratory Prosecco!
  3. Scheduling: Green Couch Sessions take place on Tuesdays from 3-4. If you would like to schedule 15 minute session or a double session with us, please register here.


Valentina is a pragmatic idealist with a high dose of global perspectives and experiences.

Larissa is an endless positivist seeing growth in every challenge.