With about 100 coffees sold every day by our Impact Hub Auer&Co team during our new opening hours  (including weekends plus Thursday-Saturday nights), the Auer&Co may just be on the way towards the hottest hangout venue for entrepreneurs, investors and innovators in Switzerland. Imagine Silicon Valley’s Coupa Café just around the corner in Zurich. You are invited! Last week we met Dominik Grolimund there. We took the chance and asked the Zurich-based serial entrepreneur a few questions. So let’s hear what a regular (but non-member so far) has to say about our new café!



Hi Dominik! What are you working on these days? 

I am working on Refind, a community of founders, hackers, and designers who collect and share the best links on the web. It is early stage and invite-only.

Most Mondays, we see you at the Auer Café. How do you like it here?

It’s a great atmosphere at the Auer&Co. I like being surrounded by people who build stuff.

Do you have a vision or wish for Impact Hub in Zurich?

Just a small wish for now: more power plugs. 🙂

Ok we will work on that. 🙂 Do you meet people you know or make other interesting new contacts at Auer?

Both. For example, I was happy to see Joachim Hagger working on his new startup there. Curious what he’s up to and I am looking forward to getting to know more great people in the next weeks.

Thank you and see you next week, Dominik!


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