Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions of Impact Hub Zürich describe the legal rights and responsibilities of Impact Hub Zürich and you. The Terms and Conditions form a legally binding agreement between you and Impact Hub Zürich when you become a member of Impact Hub Zürich.

This page was last updated on May 29, 2018.



Definitions – Member: the organisation or (legal) person who uses the service of the Impact Hub and signs the membership agreement; – Impact Hub: Impact Hub Zürich Association, Viaduktstrasse 93-95 in Zurich, Switzerland; – Agreement: the service agreement between Impact Hub and Member, including specified terms and conditions; – Working Space: office space rented and used by Impact Hub, the arches D and E in the IM VIADUKT arches at the Viaduktstrasse 93-95 in Zurich, the Colab location at the Sihlquai 131 in Zürich and potentially other locations (as instructed during the member-intake workshop); – Service Specification: document describing the services provided by the Impact Hub and the respective rights and duties of the Member specified/defined in the table of the membership packages

Applicability – these terms and conditions are applicable to all agreements between the Impact Hub and Member. These conditions also apply to third parties, which are invited into the Impact Hub by a Member and make use of the facilities and services provided by the Impact Hub. If one provision of all terms and conditions is null and void or is voided, the remaining provisions of the terms and conditions remain entirely effective.

Execution of the Agreement – is by written acceptance (for example, through online acceptance) by Member of a written offer by the Impact Hub. – Modification and/or adaptation of the agreement binds parties only if parties have agreed to the modification and/or adaptation in writing. – By entering into the agreement, all earlier agreements between the Impact Hub and member concerning similar services expire.

Service Specification – prior to entering into the agreement, the Impact Hub provides the member with a detailed membership offering on their website. The detailed membership offering is considered an integral part of the agreement. – All rates as mentioned in the detailed membership offering are including VAT. – The Impact Hub can modify the detailed membership offering at any time with a one-month prior notification to the Member.

Use of Impact Hub – the Working Space of the Impact Hub may only be used for work and work-related purposes. Member shall be represented under its legal personal or company name unless the Impact Hub has agreed in writing to Member using a different name. Member’s personal or company name will be added to the Impact Hub network. – The address of the Impact Hub may be used as correspondence and business address for members according to the Service Specification (additional fees apply). – Member shall use the space properly and ensure for the proper care and treatment of the working space and the outfitting. The outfitting can be modified only with authorisation of the Impact Hub. – All keys (fobs) are property of the Impact Hub. It is not permitted to duplicate these, or provide keys (fobs) to third parties without prior written authorisation by the Impact Hub. – All keys (fobs) must be returned immediately upon termination of the agreement. In case of loss or theft of keys (fobs), Member must inform Impact Hub immediately. Member is liable for all expenses related to loss, theft or replacement of keys (fobs). – Member, when last to leave, is accountable for leaving the working space orderly and closing and locking ALL the doors of the space, turning off the lights and make sure all electrical appliances are switched off. Member must commit to the house rules of the Impact Hub, which are considered an integral part of the agreement.

Member – Member agrees to refrain from any activity which impedes the use of the Impact Hub by others, damages the Impact Hub or the building, causes annoyance, and/or results in the increase of insurance premiums. – Member must use electricity and water carefully. For use of electronic appliances differently than standard office equipment, authorisation must be asked in advance. – Member is responsible for insurance of its properties, employees and third parties invited into the Impact Hub.

Liability – Member is liable for damage to the building and/or the Impact Hub’s properties, caused by Member, their employees and/or third parties invited by Member into the Impact Hub. – For the damage suffered by Member respect to above agreement, Impact Hub is liable only in case of gross negligence or intent in delivering the services in compliance with the agreement. Impact Hub is not responsible for loss of income or profit, loss of data, documents and files, any claims from third parties, or consequential damage to the Member.

Time period and ending of the Agreement – the agreement enters into force on the date indicated in the agreement. – By default, the agreement is entered into for an indefinite period of time. The membership can be up or downgraded on a month-by-month basis. All changes need to be announced in writing at least 15 days before the first day of the next month. – Both parties can terminate the agreement in writing at the latest 15 days before the first day of the next month. Impact Hub can terminate the agreement without prior notice, should: * Member not submit payment of their invoiced amounts within the set payment term (14 days); * Member not comply with one or more obligations specified in the agreement; * Member quit the activities of their venture; * Member be declared bankrupt or enter into bankruptcy protection. – Upon termination or suspension of the Agreement, all outstanding invoices shall become immediately payable and Member must fulfill all outstanding invoices in a single payment. – The agreement is terminated automatically if the Impact Hub is, for any reason whatsoever, no longer able to provide the services and accommodation in order to meet its service specification. In that case, Impact Hub is not liable for loss or damages to Member. – Upon termination of the agreement, Member is to leave the Impact Hub immediately, taking all possessions and property, leaving the space in its original state. If Member leaves possessions behind, the Impact Hub is permitted to remove these possessions at the expense of Member, in order to restore the original state of the space.

Payment – the basic rate for the services provided in the current month, as included in the agreement and service specification, must be paid in advance. – Additional services are charged the following month. – Every invoice must be paid within 15 days from the invoice date, unless agreed otherwise. – Upon failure to pay within the stated payment term of 15 days, Member shall receive a written notification of default and an automated administration-cost fine of 10 CHF will be added to the invoice upon each notification that is sent out after 15 days. Additionally, Impact Hub is allowed to suspend its agreed services and commitments until full payment has been received.

Confidentiality – Parties agree to strict confidentiality pertaining to all personal, business, commercial, financial and other confidential information of the other party and other Members during the duration of the agreement and afterwards. – This also applies to employees and possible third parties invited into the Impact Hub by Member and on account of their activities must take knowledge of confidential information. – Regarding the Impact Hub Space (online network), the Member shall respect all intellectual property rights of the Impact Hub, its Members and third parties as well as contract terms and other conditions, such as these are displayed or documented on the Internet or network of the Impact Hub in particular the rights in trademarks. – Member agrees to refrain from copying, using or exploiting software owned by Impact Hub or other material in any way, unless Impact Hub has granted explicit authorisation to Member.

Data Protection and Privacy – Member agrees to the privacy policy as published on the Impact Hub website. The policy explains how personal data is collected and used. – Impact Hub uses the information supplied by Member (title, name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, bank account) in accordance with the provisions of the Swiss law. – Member agrees that their personal data may be stored and processed, namely name / company, occupation, date of birth, business address and other addresses of Member, telephone number, email address, bank details, credit card information, for the purpose of fulfilling the contract and supervision of Member as well as for advertising purposes of Impact Hub, for example, for the dispatch of offers, advertising brochures and newsletters (in paper and electronic form). – Member agrees that electronic mail is sent to them for purposes of community hosting and publicity.

Guarantee – Impact Hub does not guarantee safety and security of the network (or the connection to the Internet). Member must take their own security measures considered necessary. – Impact Hub does not guarantee that its provided network services are consistent and/or uninterrupted at all times.

Applicable laws – Swiss law applies to the agreement, its terms and conditions and any communicated house rules.