Impact Hub Zürich goes Crowdfunding

Impact needs collective action. What happens when this community building and fundraising tool meets an impact-driven and collaborative community like the one of the Impact Hub Zürich? We decided to try it out and start our own crowdfunding channel.

Launched in May 2015, the Impact Hub Channel on bring together Crowdfunding Campaigns by impact-driven start-ups. Wemakeit is the largest crowdfunding platform in Switzerland and one of the largest in Europe. All featured projects on this channel are part of the Impact Hub Zürich community.
We strongly believe that crowdfunding is a great tool within a community like ours. Donate your money for impact and check out the campaigns running now.
Get in contact with Johanna if you’d like to start your own campaign on the website.

Open and Succesful Crowdfunding Startups


Johanna Scheurer has a background in design strategy, branding and trend and now brings in her experience of event organisation to the Impact Hub Zurich. She is passionate about collaborative approaches and loves participative happenings.

Growing up in a big patchwork family (8 siblings) she was inspired by the spirit of communities since very early in her life. As a generalist, she i...

Johanna Scheurer, Community Builder & Event Curator