Last Thursday, the Swiss Fintech scene met in Zürich to celebrate the best Fintech startups of the year during the second Swiss Fintech Awards. The jury didn’t manage to pick only one and decided to have two winners. Knip – the mobile insurance broker, and Sentifi – the crowd-based financial market intelligence. Both companies achieve transparency, simplicity and efficiency and aim to deeply change the way their field of activity will be defined in the future.


More generally, Fintech is a booming topic in Zürich and Switzerland. It is changing the finance industry and ultimately Swiss society. Through its partnerships, its members and its current position in Zürich, the Impact Hub Zürich is close to the Fintech vertical and also took conscience that it has a role to play. In this context, the main role of Impact Hub Zürich is to make sure that the different players in the ecosystem profit and thrive from the situation and not fall into the traditional competition scheme. In this post we would like to present to you what Impact Hub Zürich is actually doing around Fintech in 2016.


Disrupt Finance conference in 2016

In fall 2016, we will organize the conference Disrupt Finance for the second time. Like last year, the idea is to bring industry leaders together with not-yet-celebrated startups that shape the future of finance. Together they will discuss and argue about that future. The results will then be presented to decision makers and the press. We believe that such an event has a great impact and will connect all the participants, may they be concurrent, far away geographically or not even working in the same field.


A home for the Swiss Finance + Technology Association

We are happy that the Swiss Finance + Technology Association has decided to make its home at Impact Hub Zürich. John Hucker has written a great post to explain this new partnership. Not only are they based at the Impact Hub, they also created a tribe, a sub community that will organize events and activities around Fintech. Both Impact Hub and the Swiss Finance + Technology Association have similar vision and as John puts it in his article “Shared philosophies make for a good partnership”.


At the core of our NEXT partnerships

Fintech also plays a central role in our NEXT partnerships launched last September. Most of our partners – Swisscom, Credit Suisse, SIX and AXA – have made Fintech as a priority and together we are pushing this vertical in order to put Zürich on the map of the World Fintech Hubs.


Support of relevant meetups

Since the beginning of this year, Impact Hub helps Swisscom organizing the Blockchain Meetup Switzerland. In the first event, more than 100 enthusiasts signed up, showing how the topic is booming in Switzerland. This meetup is organized in Zürich and Geneva, with the goal of bringing both communities together. We are happy to get in touch with further Fintech meetup that want to happen at Impact Hub Zürich!


To conclude, the Fintech vertical was not predestined to become a focus at Impact Hub Zürich, but we are very motivated and excited to play a role and support the players and activities in this area. We are convinced that Fintech will help our partners, our members and ourselves to prototype the future of business even more!